Q&A – Becoming an Avon Representative

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If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to be an Avon Representative, I have been a Representative for over 23 years now and would be happy to help you in any way possible!

First of all, please know that you can put as much time or as little time into this as you would like.  It’s your account and your choice. When you open an AVON account, you are signing on to be what is referred to as an AVON Independent Sales Representative. This means that you are not an employee of AVON, but an individual selling AVON products. You are purchasing AVON products at a discount under your name and credit and reselling those products to others.  Therefore, you are your own boss, responsible for the time you put into this and keeping your account in good standing.  Work it full-time, part-time, or in your spare time and you will find success, as long as you are consistent and get enough eyes on your brochures and online store!

You need to decide whether you want to do this just to get your products at a discount and maybe sell to a few friends and family or whether you truly want to make this as a source of income for you and your family.

If you are just doing this for your own products and maybe a little money on the side, there really isn’t a whole lot to it, other than paying the $15 to join and turning in an order every other week and paying for it on time.  As long as you are turning in an order, Avon will automatically send you one free brochure with your order, so outside of the ‘One Simple Fee’ that covers your shipping and website, there are no other costs you would have to worry about.

However, if you need this business to generate an income for your family, you are going to need to be focused with your time and intentional with your goal setting.  With being your own boss, you are not going to have anyone looking over your shoulder to make sure you get things done and you are going to have to make sure that the actions you are taking towards your business are ones that are actually going to result in profit for you.  Decide how many hours each week your are able to devote to your business (i.e. delivering brochures, following up with phone calls/emails, sorting/delivering orders, etc.) and set a budget as to how much you will invest in your business (brochures, samples, thank you gifts, demos, etc.).  As you find success, set aside a little bit of that money to increase your investments and you will continue to find greater success.

There are a multitude of ways to grow your business and learn from other very successful Representatives across our city, state, and country.  It is entirely up to you to take advantage of this opportunity available to us all!
How do I get paid by Avon?  

1. When you submit your Avon order and collect the money from your customers, you pay Avon their portion and keep the difference. For example, if you placed a $100 order from Avon, you would earn 20%. When you collect that $100 from your customers, you would pay Avon approximately $80 and keep $20.
•  This example is just that and does not include taxes, business tools, or anything you would buy for yourself
•  When you sell more, you earn more…up to 50%
•  You never have to figure out the math in all of this – Avon sends you a very detailed invoice showing you exactly what you sold, earned, and broken down into detail for you!

2. When joining Avon, you will receive your own personalized website – credit for these online sales are made directly to your account for you.
•  If you are brand new and do not have a balance on your account yet, this means you’ve got your foot in the door with a credit balance towards your first customer order!
•  If you have a balance for a previous order, that means you then have that much less to pay and more to keep from what you collect from your customers!
•  Your sales credit normally appears on your account within two business days.

3. All Leadership Program bonuses are direct deposited into your bank account every two weeks.
•  If you do not enroll in Direct Deposit, then you will receive a check in the mail.

There are currently at least ten ways to earn money with Avon. There is no limit on how much you can earn and you should actively pursue all the different programs and incentives that Avon has available for you!

1. Brochure Sales – The percentage that we earn with our brochure sales is determined by how much we sell. This gives us the flexibility of growing our sales at our own pace and not having to meet a quota. You do have to have at least a $50 order to enjoy your 20% discount. The current earnings chart is as follows:

$   50 – 149.99   = 20%
$ 150 – 294.99   = 30%
$ 295 – 439.99   = 35%
$ 440 – 924.99   = 40%
$ 925 – 1574.99 = 45%
$ 1,575+             = 50%

•  The Avon product line is broken up into what are referred to as the Core products (cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and bath/body) and the Fixed Earnings products (all non-Avon products – for example, Disney, Curves, the housewares collections, and most of the jewelry, clothing, and accessories)
– All Fixed Earnings products will have an asterisk (*) next to them in the brochure
– When building your business, focus on the Core products, which are consumable and repeat business for you. The fixed earning products are ‘extra’ items available to our Customers. Many of our Customers may not use traditional Avon products, but will be interested in the toys, clothing jewelry, or giftables, giving you the extra sales and hopefully establishing a relationship with the Customer to one day give the Core products a try!

2. Online Sales – When you have customers order from your personal website for Direct Delivery from Avon, you will receive a credit for this order, normally within two business days. Online sales count towards your total award sales for a given campaign, allowing you to earn a higher percentage on your customer sales.  Currently, earnings on online sales are 25% for President’s Club members and 20% for non-President’s Club members.  There are also frequent incentives for online sales in which you can earn free products.

3. President’s Points – President’s Points traditionally have been earned after you reach President’s Club; however, this program has changed and now includes everyone…from the day you join! You earn these based on your meeting sales goals and sharing the Avon Opportunity with others.  They are redeemable for merchandise, travel, and gift cards! I have personally bought many wonderful gifts with points earned for sales increases and it is a lot of fun!

4. Leadership Earnings – When you share the Avon Opportunity and show others how to also earn money for their families with Avon, you will earn a percentage of their sales. These earnings are direct deposited into your bank account every Campaign (every other week). There are currently six levels of the Leadership program to reach.  Many of our Senior Executive Unit Leaders are all well over six figures and some are close to seven!

5. Recruiting Bonuses – When you achieve the first level of Leadership (Unit Leader), you will receive $25 for each successful new person you bring in to Avon. There is no limit to how many of these checks you can receive. If you bring in four new people in one Campaign and they all place their order on time and pay for it on time, that is an extra $100 check in your mail box that month!

6. Advancing Bonuses – Avon has a very rewarding Jump Start program available to new Representatives, where you can earn large cash bonuses (up to $8500 in this program alone!) for helping others earn and save money with Avon within a certain time frame! If you have big goals and dreams and even bigger bills, this is something you want to read up on and work towards – do not overlook this money available to you as you begin your new business!

7. Nested Business Partners – Not all Avon Representatives have their own Upline (i.e. Team Leader). Some may have been brought in by a District Manager or perhaps they have an Upline who left Avon. Avon would like all Representatives to have that extra person to turn to for help, so when a Leadership Representative reaches certain goals with their business, they are awarded a number of these established Representatives to their team. When you welcome to your team and and establish relationships with these Representatives, they help strengthen and grow your business and you earn from their sales!

8. First Generation 2% Bonuses for EUL and SEUL Unit Sales – When you achieve the Executive Unit Leader and Senior Executive Unit Leader levels, you will receive an extra 2% bonus each campaign, based on your team’s performance!

9. Executive Cash Bonus – This is our car bonus. No pink Cadillacs for this company, you get the straight cash for whatever car you want…and gas to go with it! The size of your bonus is determined by the number of Executive Unit Leaders on your team. You can earn up to an extra $800 per month!

10. All expense paid yearly vacation – The top earners and recruiters in our country go on wonderful vacations to places like Hawaii and Alaska…and in 2015 so far Representatives have vacationed in Hollywood and Cancun! (and it was just announced that Las Vegas is one of the destinations for 2016). I have never been on one of these trips, but I have seen the photos and read the stories from the excited men and women on Facebook and it is amazing! Once you go, you will make sure that you never miss another one again!

Is there a cost to get started?  It is currently $15 to open your Avon account. In return, you will receive everything you need to begin, including 20 brochures and two full size products, which more than cover the cost of your kit!
• If you sign up with me in person, you will receive these materials at the time of our meeting and should be able to access the Representative website within 24 hours.
• If you sign up with me online (through www.startavon.com Reference Code vmahoney), you should receive your materials directly from Avon within a week, but you will have immediate access to our Representative website to register your account and start accepting online orders from your friends and family (i.e. start earning money) immediately!
• You may sign up with me from anywhere in the United States, but only within the United States! However, your location does determine what District you are a part of. For example, I live in Orlando, Florida and my mom lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My mom joined my Avon team and I am what is referred to as her Upline; however, she is part of her local Avon District. As a matter of fact, you could even live near me here in Orlando, but be part of a different District, it just depends on exactly where you are located.

Are there any other costs associated with Avon?  Yes. There are a few other charges you should be aware of when selling Avon each Campaign (all of which are tax deductible).
• Each Campaign there is the One Simple Fee. This fee covers shipping and the cost of running your personal website. The fee is determined by your order size and if your order is on time or late. It runs between $5.95 and $11.95.
— You collect this from your customers through the .75 cent shipping and handling charge on their invoices.
— When you receive your order and consider the size and quantity of these boxes, please consider how much it would cost you if you were to take those boxes to the post office and buy postage to ship them somewhere yourself. I don’t personally know how Avon can ship these to us at such a low rate, but I know we would not be able to find anyone to give us that same rate to ship these ourselves!
• You will need business tools, including brochures, samples, bags, etc. – The cost of these are nominal and should be budgeted each campaign.
— Be careful not to buy more than you can actually afford, based on your customer sales
— It is important that you have new brochures and samples each campaign for your customers, along with some Avon bags to put them in!

Will I have a sales territory?  No. Many years ago Avon had what was referred to as territories, where you were assigned a neighborhood or area and you were the only Representative who could work that area. We now have what is referred to as open boundaries, which means you can sell to anyone within the United States (but only the United States). Anyone across the 50 states can order from you, so start building those relationships!

I have family and friends who live outside the United States. Can I sell to them?  You may sell to them; however, you will need to reach an agreement with them as to how to get their products to them, which can be quite expensive and tricky. Because of the costs associated with shipping outside the United States, Avon only offers direct shipping within the U.S. So again, you are certainly welcome to order products for your friends and family overseas, but you will need to figure out the best way to get it to them.

What requirements are expected of me as an Independent Sales Representative? Are there quotas or stock required?  There are no quotas and no required stock – that choice is completely up to you (and I personally discourage against keeping stock of anything other than what you and your family can personally use).
• The only requirements are:
— You have some type of order go in each Campaign to keep your account active
— You pay for your order on time
• The earnings structure does begin at $50, so if your order falls below $50 in a given Campaign, please see me and we can work something out. Here in Orlando, you can place a small order like that through the Miami Sales Center and they will ship it to you at a discount. Simply send me an email or call me if you are concerned about being below that $50 mark – I am always here for you full of ideas!
• An additional suggestion to stay above the $50 – consider what you are buying for your own personal use each campaign and budget it. Suggestions might be your family’s shampoo, deodorant, or shower gel. Your brochures and business tools also count towards your sales level. Many things count towards this $50, the important thing is to get those brochures out to everyone, follow up on them, and plan ahead!

What is a ‘Campaign?’ Campaign is the term we use that refers to a specific Avon brochure and spans a two week (14 day) period of time.
• When using the term Campaign, you are referring to either an actual brochure (i.e. Campaign 1) or the two week period of time in which that brochure is first available to customers.
• There are 26 Campaigns in a year, so you will find each brochure numbered from 1-26.
• To keep things fresh and new for your customers, there will be a new brochure available every two weeks.

Each Campaign is a new opportunity for you to earn money, based on new sales and always changing product line. It also gives you structure in setting goals for your business. Set goals for yourself at the beginning of each new Campaign, work towards those, and with the start of the next campaign decide what has and has not worked and try again!

What is a Mail Plan / Representative Processing Schedule (RPS)   When you sign up with Avon, the zip code that you live within will determine the District and Mail Plan you will belong to (also known as RPS or Representative Processing Schedule).
• There are currently 11 mail plans – the mail plan which you are assigned will determine when your orders are due to Avon.
• Your order will be due before noon on the day your specific RPS calendar gives you.
• This schedule is critical in keeping everyone’s shipments processing and running smoothly.
— If your order is placed on time, it will be delivered to you via a local courier service and will arrive on a noted date that you can count on.
— If it is late, it will be shipped separately by UPS, incur a higher shipping charge, and will not have a guaranteed arrival date.
• As always, if you lose track of time or miss your order date for whatever reason, please see me and we will problem solve, that is what I am here for!

Does Avon provide training?  Yes. Avon has a wealth of online training and resources available to us through our Representative website, in addition to regular emails, literature within our shipments, and monthly meetings within our District and Division. This training is not forced upon you and you must be self-disciplined to complete this training and network with other successful Representatives to grow and be successful in your business!

Let’s do this! How do I sign up?
You may go to www.startavon.com , fill out the application, and use Reference Code vmahoney . You should have immediate access to our website and the ability to set up your own personal website for your customers to shop through.
If you have any additional questions to discuss with me before getting started or if you have any problems enrolling online, you may schedule an appointment with me to get your brochures and materials this week!

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