About Valerie

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Valerie first joined Avon in 1991 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, upon the encouragement of some office co-workers.  For many years, she sold to just her friends and family.   In 1996, she took a brief break when she married and moved to Orlando, Florida, opening a new account later that year to get her products and share with co-workers again.

In 2000, Valerie joined Avon’s Leadership program and transformed her Avon business from a ‘hobby’ into a full-time business, growing her customer base through her neighborhood and surrounding areas and partnering with others who were also looking to earn extra money for their families.

Valerie continues to reside in the Southeast Orlando area with her husband and two sons.  If you have any questions at all about ordering from the current Avon brochure or learning more about how you can earn and save money for your own family, please send her a message!

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