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Thank you for visiting my website. My goal is for this site to be a valuable resource to everyone — my customers and team, other Representatives both in and out of Avon and even women with other home businesses.  I strongly believe that network marketing presents a wonderful opportunity for so many families today.  Everyone has their own passions and interests and, in getting to know each other and our different businesses, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn from and encourage each other as we build a better life for ourselves and our families! (for more information on my own history with Avon, please click on the ‘About Valerie’ link to the left!  For more information on our Direct Selling Circle of Friends, please visit us on Facebook!)

The first phase in this website was to simply be able to direct you to my online stores for Avon. I added a detailed Question & Answer page for those interested in joining Avon, but there are still a lot of updates that I would like to add to this.

The second phase is going to be the biggest and most time-consuming for me, which is creating a clear step-by-step resource here for my Avon team and friends, detailing everything you need to know to be successful in this business, from the beginning and beyond. This will include information not only from my Avon training over the years, but also valuable wisdom from other network marketers and motivational speakers from across the country who have found great success with their own businesses and life.

Finally, just a few words of wisdom from motivational speaker Les Brown that I found thought-provoking:

Your best thinking has produced the level of money that you have, your level of accomplishment, the growth of your business or lack thereof.  Your best thinking has produced that.  Own that.  Face that.  And get some help…Ask for help.  Not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong.  Ask for help and don’t stop until you get it.

May this page be an encouragement to you as you build your own home business and a lifetime of friendships!


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